General Questions

  • What is eCPM?

    eCPM is the Effective Cost per Thousand Impressions. eCPM is an easy way for publishers and ad networks to measure and compare performance. The eCPM rate is influenced by various parameters such as: conversion rate, click rate, ad placement and traffic quality.

  • What is Geo – Targeting?

    Geo -Targeting is the technology which gives you the possibility to split your traffic between advertisers, meaning you can select the banner ads you will display according to the visitor's location.

  • What is Rich Media?

    Rich Media is a type of online advertisement that makes use of a range of interactive digital media, including sliding-in and interactive layers. 

  • What is an Ad Tag?

    An Ad Tag is either HTML or JavaScript code that signals the advertiser's ad server to display an advertisement every time the tag is loaded on the publisher's website.

  • What is a Fill Rate?

    100% Fill Rate means that banner ads will appear each time a visitor uses his device, no matter the location. 

    Adorika ensures monetization of your entire inventory, 100% fill rate, brand safety and guaranteed highest value for your impressions. 

Account Technical Support

  • How can I join Adorika Media?

    Please feel free to fill out our “Contact Us” form here or send an email to pub@adorika.com. Make sure you provide us with as much details about your website as possible, including your page views over the last 30 days, your top 3 visited countries or any other information that may help us to evaluate and understand your website better.

  • Do we support banner ads in different languages?

    Adorika matches online advertisements to the desired content, as well as visitors' location and language.

  • What is the time frame for reports?

    Adorika provides you with real time reports and statistics which help you track performance on a monthly, daily or hourly basis in a fast and reliable way. 

  • What can I do if the ads are blank?

    Contact your account manager or send an email to pub@adorika.com with as much details about your account as possible, including Site Name, Account Name, Account ID or any other information that may help us locate your account in our system.